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Whole Rapeseed, Organic

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Gently peppery organic whole rapeseed grown by John & Alice Pawsey at Shimpling Park in Suffolk.

Most commonly pressed for oil, these beautiful dark seeds of the rape or canola plant (Brassica napus subsp. napus) are also delicious as whole seeds and have a distinctive mustardy sweetness.

They're excellent for baking, as a topping or incorporated into doughs and pastry. Try adding to dressings or sprinkling toasted seeds over salad.

  • How to use

    Add to bread and pastry doughs at 1 to 4 tsps per 250g flour. Or substitute for poppy seeds as a topping for breads and bakes, in biscuits and crackers, added to dressings or toasted and sprinkled on salads.



    Allergy information

    No allergens

    Suitable for vegans and vegetarians