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Sheaf: Writers in the Field, Summer 2021

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Last year Hodmedod teamed up with the Dark Mountain Project to send three writers out to write, in fiction, nonfiction and poetry, of days spent on different farms in Somerset, Suffolk and Essex, before and after harvest.

This booklet of their testimonies and accompanying artwork of grain and field speak of important relationships between people, creatures and plants that aren't always visible.

Read Hodmedod co-founder Josiah Meldrum's introduction to Sheaf, and Barn, a perspective on the project from editor Charlotte Du Cann of the Dark Mountain Project.

‘What became immediately clear is that it is stories – narratives – and the relationships we build with each other through telling and retelling them that create lasting change, not bald facts about a climate emergency, or nitrogen fixation, or biodiversity loss, or diet-related poor health’
Josiah Meldrum, Hodmedod co-founder, from his introduction to Sheaf

Writers in the field: Cate Chapman, Nick Hunt, Joanna Pocock

Artists: Anne Campbell, Kit Boyd

Producers: Charlotte Du Cann, Josiah Meldrum

Farmers: Col Gordon, Fred Price, Martin and Toby Wolfe, George Young

Sheaf is an all-colour softback booklet, 48 pages long, printed on recycled and FSC-certified paper